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Rupavathy PD

Finding art within is one of the greatest treasures. Sharing it with the world can be the most fulfilling.


I'm Rupavathy PD

Rupavathy began painting at early in age when she was 12 years old, She enjoyed the freedom and emotions in art. Her art are inspired by her minimalist and modern aesthetic and through the exploration of other art forms, developed into what they are today. Rupavathy began exploring calligraphy, oil, acrylic, watercolours etc.. The Art journey began as a watercolour study in texture and depth of colour. Eventually the watercolours gave way to acrylics and so on. Her workshops has transformed many to explore uncharted area of life from 5 years old to 65 years old have benefited. The art collection is still a available with her that spring to life as you see it and are the true source of inspiration. Always exploring and experimenting, art in various forms brought her back to abstracts and she will often produce many styles.

Rupavathy is talented and accomplished in teaching mathematics - she is a recognized quemaths teacher , she is also does conducts work shop on speaking skills, bringing the persons enclosed talents out. ‚Äč

Rupavathy live in Chennai with her husband and child.


Some of her works

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